Donors to the American Friends of the Oxford Philharmonic

The American Friends of the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra is extremely proud to celebrate those generous patrons and supporters who advance the Orchestra’s work in creating unique concert series, and impactful educational programs.  The support of each and every American Friend allows us to offer our audiences on both sides of the Atlantic the finest concerts and performances throughout the season. We extend our deepest gratitude to those making substantial leadership gifts to support the long term viability of the orchestra as well as its ability to travel to the United States to perform.

Diamond Benefactors
Dr Russell Hirshfield & Leila Larijani,
Pfizer, Inc,
Rosenblatt Charitable Trust

Platinum Benefactor
Thomas A Barron
Ruth & Joshua M Berman
Mary Jaharis
JP Morgan
Kallinikeion Foundation
Faanya Rose
Saundra Whitney
Christopher Wright

Gold Benefactors
Sir Ronald & Lady Cohen
Elena & John Coumantaros
Zvi & Ofra Meitar Family Fund
Ruth Gjessing-Newman
Mr & Mrs Blake Samuels
Dee Schwab

Silver Benefactors
BofA Securities
Paula Begoun
CeCe & Lee Black
Roger & Paula Butler
Samantha & Nabil Chartouni
Lilli Forouraghi Charitable Trust
The Lowell
Mary Mochary Management Trust
Roy & Jenny Niederhoffer
Natalie Pray
Adam Zoia

Afsaneh Beschloss
Noreen Buckfire
Mr & Mrs Peter M Faulkner
Gavin Garrett
Mrs John Gutfreund
Lucy & Nicholas Kourides
Geraldine Kunstadter
Helen Little
MAI VILMS Charitable Foundation
Aniko Gaal Schott
Robert Shaw
Daisy M Soros
Kari Jonassen Tiedemann
Peter & Anna Tscherpine
Marianne Wyman

Layla Diba
Rick Donner
Barbara Grewe
Antonia K Milonas
Vernon Palmer
Nigel Travis
Peter & Mary
Jeanne Tufano

For further information please contact:

Camilla G Hellman ­­­­MBE
Marketing Director
American Friends of the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra

864 Lexington Avenue, 2nd floor
New York, NY 10065

Tel: + 212 729 0127